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  • 概况


    Based on the teaching philosophy of International Girls’ Class, Elite Girls’ Class aims to train modern ladies with elegant manners, confidence, profound knowledge and artistic accomplishment



    Brief Introduction of Elite Girls’ Class


    not only owning a broad international vision, but also a solid foundation in Chinese traditional culture. In addition to regular courses, characteristic curriculum like French, English Drama, Western Literature, horse riding, fencing, piano, zither, tea ceremony and dancing are set up to meet the higher requirements from family and society.


    • 振兴民族的希望是教育,振兴教育的希望是教师。 教师是山,学生是水。只有碧水青山,方能如画风景。我们要给每一个学生真诚的爱,让每一个学生愉快的学,激励每一个学生自主发展,帮助每一个学生获得成功,让济外真正成为培养英才的摇篮。——曹伦华

    • Teachers are the mountains, and students are the water. Only clear water and beautiful mountains can create picturesque scenery. We provide each student with our pure-hearted love so that they could acquire knowledge merrily; We stimulate each student according to his ability so that they could achieve success decently. May Jining Confucius International School a cradle for elites!

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