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    The principle of JCIS, Mr. Cao present “widen cultural field of vision, promote elite education” the educational proposal given today’s situation, which is “internationalize the traditional education, traditionalize the international education”. Hereby, the educational model of JCIS, a crash of Chinese and Western culture, a perfect combination of Chinese and American courses, a zero-distance communication between Chinese and international teachers and students. The unique educational mode aims to promote the process of Jining educational nationalization.



    Cambridge International Examinations A-Level

    A-Level课程是CIE(剑桥国际考试中心)全球测试的一部分,也作为英国中学课程的第二阶段(英国本土中学2年GCSE,2年A-Level)。A-Level又分为AS和A2两部分,其成绩适用所有英语国家并能转换大学学分,是入读哈佛、剑桥、帝国理工等海外名校的 “金牌”标准

    A-Level, which consists of AS and A2, is the second phrase of British middle school curriculum. A-Level is widely accepted by renowned universities of all English-spoken countries, such as Harvard, Cambridge and Imperial College.


    • 振兴民族的希望是教育,振兴教育的希望是教师。 教师是山,学生是水。只有碧水青山,方能如画风景。我们要给每一个学生真诚的爱,让每一个学生愉快的学,激励每一个学生自主发展,帮助每一个学生获得成功,让济外真正成为培养英才的摇篮。——曹伦华

    • Teachers are the mountains, and students are the water. Only clear water and beautiful mountains can create picturesque scenery. We provide each student with our pure-hearted love so that they could acquire knowledge merrily; We stimulate each student according to his ability so that they could achieve success decently. May Jining Confucius International School a cradle for elites!

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